Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Our year started out with a big snowstorm and a lack of plows. I managed to get my visiting parents to the airport, but we’re expecting several inches over the next day-and-a-half or so. Being in the snow belt of the snow belt, our cars are already pretty much stuck unless we want to spend some time digging out, so we’re being wimps and relaxing in the warm house.

Of course I’ve come up with some New Year’s Resolutions, as I’m sure many of you have. I’ve come up with ones that are along the lines of what I’ve already been doing, with a few extras thrown in:

1. Continue to live thoughtfully – spend less, reuse more, recycle and compost what I can, etc.
2. Pay off our personal Citibank and our Suntrust credit cards by the next New Year. (According to our snowball calculator, these should actually be paid off in October. Nothing like setting your goals low, lol.) Hopefully we’ll be well on our way to paying off our business Citibank card by January 1, 2007, but I don’t want to set the goal too high and fail when we have a surprise bill.
3. Put at least $50 into savings each month.
4. Stop drinking pop on a regular basis – this includes not having it in the house unless we are having a party.

In addition to these, my husband and I have decided we will not purchase high-sugar foods after we eat what we have (we’re too frugal to waste even junk food!) We will also avoid healthier foods with refined sugars and flours, as I suspect these may be partly to blame for some chronic health issues I have had. Our diet will contain more proteins and vegetables, some fruits, and a few grains. Hopefully. šŸ™‚

Other than that? I just hope to live more thoughtfully, continually thinking of ways to reuse what I have, recycle what I don’t need, and make what I do need myself!


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