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You Might Be Living Frugally If…

Good morning all!  Yes, I’m happy.  I got a really good night’s sleep, after spending several hours traveling out to Minnesota to visit family and celebrate my niece’s second birthday.  (And if we are just a bit lucky, her little brother will be born before I have to get back on a plane.)  So if by any chance you were wondering why I haven’t posted much this week – I haven’t given up!  I’ve simply been busy with laundry, packing, and flying.

I wandered over to frugaldad‘s blog this morning where I saw a very clever list – Jeff Foxworthy style, as he puts it.  It was titled, “You Might be Living Frugally if…”   I highly recommend it.  I laughed when I recognized myself in some of his list!

I could think of several things frugaldad didn’t list, so I thought I’d add to the list in my own blog.  If you are a blogger, continue this list with more items on your own blog, and post a link here! Of course, if you prefer, just stick your idea in the comments.

Here they are, in no particular order:

You Might Be Living Frugally If….

1. Your idea of a nice “date” has become a free library video and a homemade pizza.

2. Your child has learned the lesson “don’t waste.”  He picks up any food he drops on the floor and eats it.

3. When gas prices are higher than normal, you only buy $10 worth of gas at a time.  When it’s priced normally, you might buy $20 worth.  $20 fills a quarter of the tank, so you’ll be buying gas again the day after tomorrow.

4. Instead of throwing away a pair of jeans literally falling apart at the seams, you buy a spool of jean thread and get to work!

5. Much of your home decor is “custom-made” – that is to say – you made it.

6. Your husband questions, “Why buy a snowblower when shoveling by hand is cheaper and good exercise?”

7. You actually consider the “One Square of hygenic paper rule.”

8. You’ve hacked your Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner container so you can put a vinegar/water solution in it.  And you use an old washcloth attached with safety pins instead of the expensive store-bought mop clothes.

9. Your guest bath has brand new towels (bought on Black Friday for $3 each.)  The master bath towels have large holes and stains, but you won’t throw them out because they’re still absorbant.

10. You add water to your bath products so you can rinse out every last bit.  And you cut your toothpaste tube open, because after the tube is completely flattened, there’s still a week’s worth of toothpaste in there!


10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention! I could have added a few more items to that list myself, but at the risk of appearing a cheapskate I decided to stop at five. I like #2 on your list. I have instituted a five-second rule in our house. If it is on the floor less than five seconds Dad can still eat it. Of course, no one else ever does this, they just hand the food over to me. I hate to waste anything!

  2. LOL, I guess I’m not too afraid of being considered a cheapskate – I figured it would come out eventually. 😉

    I loved your idea. It just struck me as really funny, and so many ideas came to me so fast, I couldn’t resist typing up my own!

  3. What kind of car would a rational, frugal person drive that $20 only fills a quarter of a tank? lol … even with gas prices this high, $20 is more than enough to fill my tank and last 250+ miles!

    Haha anyway……

  4. You know, I never thought about the toothpaste thing. That actually gives me an idea *L* And, I’m guilty of the jeans thing… not that I don’t -want- a new pair, I just seem to live in a country with people who have VERY SHORT LEGS!

  5. Wow @JewishGal – I want to know what kind of car you drive!

    My husband’s 1996 Mercury Villager costs about $50 to fill up from empty, and I suppose mine does, too (it’s a ’94 Buick Park Ave Ultra), since both have 16 gallon tanks. I think I over\exaggerated a bit though – I think $15 is more accurate as far as what an approximate quarter tank costs me!

    @mub – Uh oh! I guess I’m doing my job if it gives you a new idea. The first time I opened a toothpaste tube I was amazed at how much was left! I love my jeans and I’m willing to pay more for them, so I have to sew and patch! 🙂

  6. I was also exaggerating a little.. but it does only take $25ish to fill up the tank from when the warning light turns on.

    I drive a 2002 Hyundai Accent stick shift. I don’t use the air conditioning or heat (like I keep it turned off completely) except in extreme conditions, and when I can I coast along in neutral. Since where I live has virtually no hills and a very mild (read: average temperature in the 60s) winter, I save so much gas/money from November – May.

    Unfortunately my car is also a POS, costing me money in repairs left and right – AND there’s no public transportation here, so I am stuck driving everywhere. Ahhh….!

  7. Also I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my first comment!!

  8. @JewishGal – Ah! That makes sense. I’d say I want your car, but I can’t drive a stick shift! I wasn’t offended, I think it was a valid question. I think our older, bigger, automatic cars are gas guzzlers compared to yours! 🙂 I know when we lived in NC, our gas was used up even faster because it would get so hot in the summertime – we’d have to keep the A/C on or sweat to death. Thank goodness the heat doesn’t use up any gas like the A/C does, because it gets cold in Northeast Ohio! lol

  9. Oh yeah, the summer is awful. I’m in Texas, so we definitely get that heat. I try to run away in the summer (I do summer programs for kids in Northern states, hooray), but I definitely understand that decision between sweating or wasting gas hahaha!

  10. I spend about 20-25 to fill up my tank (manual nineties toyota carolla). Driving manually is a great poor skill.

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