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Free Gaming

Occasionally (okay, rarely) I find myself with everything done and nothing left to do. I could read a book, write a blog entry, work on a project…but you know, sometimes it’s nice to just sit and relax with a game for an hour or two.  Every since I discovered computer games (I think one of the first was a block breaker game) I’ve been hooked.  I know I’ve spent quite a bit of money on the original Sims game, along with several upgrades (which my computer couldn’t handle!)  I love other simulation and conquest games, too, and SimCity, Age of the Empires, and Civilization II were some of my favorites.  Does anyone else remember the original Masters of Orion?

I also know several people who play online games – in particular subscription games like World of Warcraft.  These can get expensive and addictive!  If you have the extra money just lying about, great!  But I don’t. 🙂

In the spirit of gaming, I wanted to pass on several free gaming sites that I’ve tried and enjoyed.  Perhaps some of you can add to the list.

Now I admit that gaming is generally a huge waste of time, so I usually limit my time quite a bit.  I also know what it’s like to be addicted to a game, so it’s important that I make sure I am not becoming obsessed with a certain game.

Online games:
1. Kingdom of Loathing – the online role playing game that makes fun of online role playing games.  It’s a lighthearted (but sometimes crude) game full of mocking and sarcasm.  It’s also full of riddles and mind-benders, so be prepared to think.  This one is great if you are someone who tends to get addicted – you are limited to how many actions you can perform a day, and that ends up being no more than two hours’ worth of actions – if you really draw it out.

2. Neopets – Geared mostly toward younger folk, but you’ll find a lot of adults here, too.  Choose up to four pets to take care of. You can challenge other pets to fights, play games, and chat in the forums.  Many of the adults find a lot of fun in choosing an area in which their pet will excel – for instance, eating all the “gourmet” foods or reading every book in neopia.  Some like to make their pet as strong as possible, or play the mind-bending role playing games available on the site.

3. Moola – This is basically a gambling site that you can’t pay in to.  The site gives you a penny (yes, a real penny!) and you bet your penny against someone else’s in a game of mostly chance.  Right now, there are three games to choose from, but the site owners keep promising more soon.  If you win, you would then have a total of $0.02, and you can bet it all in another game, or just bet part of it.   When you get to $10 you can cash out – Moola sends you a check in the mail.  The trick is not to get greedy – once I got up to $80, but then I had a losing streak and ended up quitting at $16.  Just like Vegas. 🙂  However, it really does work – I did cash out a $20 check, which I just got in the mail.

How do they make their money? Players have to watch an advertisement at the beginning of every game. Sometimes you have to answer a question about the ad afterwards.  However, they tend to play the same seven or eight ads, so you are given the option to “skip” the ad if you already know the answer.

There’s lots more to Moola than that, but I want to get on to other things.

Downloadable games:

1. Big Fish Games – Each day a new game is placed on the site.  You can download a free one hour trial version of most games, which is usually just the right amount of time for me.  Beware, though!  If you find you want to buy a game, it’s very expensive.  If you want to buy several games, I’d recommend that (if you have the expendable income) you sign up for a Game Club Membership.  Games are less than half price with a membership, the downfall being that you buy a credit each month whether or not there’s a game you want.   I have one of these memberships, and I’ve canceled it before with no problem.  I find I will not use any credits for a couple of months, and then one month I’ll use all those saved up credits all together.  So it’s a good deal if you enjoy the games – but it’s anywhere from $7 to $10 a month for the game membership.

You can find a lot of those same games on MSN and Yahoo in their games sections, but I’ve found I have a lot of problems, either with the site or the program itself.  Big Fish Games has proven itself to me in being glitch free and spyware free.

 That’s all I have.  Does anybody else have some suggestions for some good time wasters?


2 Responses

  1. pogo.com is free for most their games and rather addicting!

  2. @Smurfetts_lamb – I’ve heard of that! I’ll have to check it out!

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