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Changing Life!

Well, our lives are about to get significantly different once again – we’re pregnant! I’m wonderfully excited and hoping for a girl to match my boy. Hey, our three cats are boys – I’m really quite outnumbered here! I’m due in mid-September, so we have plenty of time to get ready.

I think the best part about having a second (or third, or fourth…) child is that we already have a lot of what we need. We saved a lot of our first son’s things, so if we have a boy, we have lots of clothes. We have a crib, changing pad, pack ‘n’ play, and pretty much everything else. If we have a girl, we’ll need some clothes. Either way we’ll need diapers, but I’ll be looking for cheap used cloth diapers at diaperswappers.com so we should be set by the time baby comes!

Thankfully, my husband has really excellent medical insurance that covers the whole family. Our church (my husband is a music minister) also provides the full amount of allowed contributions for a Health Savings Account each year. This has been such a blessing. After three years of really having to consider if we could come up with $200 to go to the urgent care for a strep test it’s an incredible feeling to just be able to go and know it’s covered, one way or another. (I was on Medicaid while pregnant with my son, and he was on Medicaid until we moved up here.)

So there are lots of new things to think about, but our main focus is still going to be paying down the debt. \

We have to figure out how to afford new windows upstairs as well. The original 1940’s single-pane painted-shut windows do not make a comfortable bedroom, and our son will be moving up there to make room in the nursery. With the cold snap this past week, the windows actually had ice on the inside. We generally keep the room closed off, and the oil heat is pretty much ineffective against the cold coming in the windows.

We don’t want to go into more debt, but if we can’t figure out a way to make this work, we may have to. So far, our plan is to buy them at the local home improvement store and install them ourselves. We have a few months to save up. Well, okay, my husband and a friend will be installing them! I’m not going up a ladder at 6 or 7 months pregnant!

My car is also going to need an expensive repair in the new few months. It’s the supercharger, so it’s necessary. We’ll be figuring that out, too.

Selling our business on Ebay has actually done really well, so we’ll have some money to snowflake this month! It’s not lucrative, but we’re getting enough to cover the original costs of the jewelry after paying shipping and fees, which was our original intent. Hopefully, as we gain feedback, we’ll sell faster. 🙂 Thank you if any of you have patronized our Ebay auctions. We still have about 2/3 of our products on Ebay now – only 2000 more to go. Wow. Yes, it’s a lot!

So…give me tips – I need ideas for cheap, good windows!